Virtual Podcast-A-Palooza

An online virtual event for curious couples and singles. Come and hang out with sex positive, non-monogamous content creators. Come and hang out over 3 days with 7 sex positive content creators sharing classes, content and hosting non-monogamous panels.

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Our event will kick off Friday 22nd January 2021

Ask questions, learn about how they approach the non-monogamous lifestyle, connect with like-minded couples and singles & have a bit of virtual fun.

Our amazing sex positive, lifestyle podcast & fun hosts

Join us as we embark on a new journey and get ready to party palooza style. We have bespoke virtual party software and a marketplace ready to have you join in.


Our virtual event will start Friday 22nd January and finish Sunday 24th January across 3 major time zones. Each session goes for 1 hour and you’re welcome to join us morning / afternoon and night. The full schedule will be published to ticket holders through our virtual event app but here’s a sneak peak… more amazing events to come including sensual yoga, DJ sets & mingle sessions

Here’s an example of our August 2020 schedule

Cancellation Policy

All tickets purchased to Podcast-A-Palooza Virtual Party are non-refundable.

Our event is aimed at edutainment and is not intended to be a sexually explicit event, therefore there we are not including virtual playrooms.