Carnival Miami 2023

Join us in Miami for Carnival

Welcome to the official page for Libertine Events Carnival 2023, even though we are already SOLD OUT for our full hotel takeover in Miami Beach Florida, we’d still love to welcome you to join the event.

Shortly, for the first time in our event history, we will be releasing limited ‘event passes’ which will enable 10 couples to join us on site, all weekend. If you’re interested in event passes OR to join the waitlist for tickets at our host hotel please complete the form below.Ā 

A note about the waitlist; as we are sold out so far in advance, we do anticipate that some of our attendees may have competing life requirements and need to cancel their ticket, in this instance we will email the waitlist and open up room and ticket options based on availability.Ā 

Join us in Miami for a full hotel takeover with a twist. We have overhauled our events and we are excited to share all the details with you, here’s what you need to know about Miami 2023.

We are once again taking over a boutique hotel with beach access right in the heart of Miami, this time however, we’re doing things differently. Here are just a few things that we are changing for Carnival 2023

  • Clothing optional Pool Area, join us for our pool parties with the ability to be fully nudeĀ 
  • Playroom space now taking over the Penthouse, we’re converting the penthouse to a playroom area for a little extra luxury in our lives
  • More security will be on site, we will have 2 guards stationed permanently 24 hours a day with a 3rd guard joining us for our daily pool parties, all staff and contractors are required to sign an NDA
  • Less talking and more interacting, we are reducing the number of seminars and sponsored hosts and replacing them with educators and smaller breakout classes to help you learn. Each one of our themes and educators will base their sessions around our event theme “Let’s Play” giving you something to take home or put into practice at our event.
  • Better payment plan options, we have overhauled our payment plan and are giving you the choice to pay the full ticket price up front or opt in to make 10 payments of 10% each, helping you to secure your room and ticket for a 10% deposit.Ā 

There is so much more that we can share with you and cannot wait to keep you updated, we hope you will be able to join us for Carnival 2023.

Join our waitlist, get updated if rooms become available

What you need to know

  • Location: Miami Beach, Florida, USA
  • Date: Friday 20th October 2023 to Monday 23rd October 2023

Who will be at Carnival 2023?

We cannot reveal all just yet as we are still taking applications and putting together the pieces of the puzzle. We are only sponsoring 5 sex positive content creators this time to make room for more educators to come on site and teach.Ā 

We can however share that we have already confirmed 3 headlining friends and we are excited to announce that Mr and Mrs Jones from WeGottaThing will be back joining us in Miami, our good friends Mickey and Mallory from Casual Swinger Podcast and Catherine and Kelsia from Expansive Connection will be back.

More hosts and educators will be announced soon.

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Grab Your Tickets and Let's Party

All tickets include your hotel room for the 3 nights | 4 days of the event, payment plans are available with a 10% deposit to secure your room. To find out more about the room and amenities, simply click the links below.

Miami Main Beach is calling...

The Countdown is ON

A little bit about our prices

Our prices are based on a few critical things that we believe we do differently. Our prices are kept with low margins and are based off the following.

  • Our property is an exclusive contract, no members of the public or non attendees are permitted on site
  • The hotel is a 4+ star property in the popular area of main beach MiamiĀ 
  • We guarantee the minimum food and beverage spend based on the requirements of the hotelĀ 
  • We pay our staff a living wage, we choose to not make use of volunteers and instead prefer to pay our staff a wage that is above market standards
  • We hire external, licenced security personnel to ensure your safety and the safety of our event. We operate security guards at all entrances of the property along with a roaming guard 24 hours a day. Our security are there to deter any non attendees from entering the property and causing security issues
  • We purchase event insurance for each event that takes place to ensure coverage in case of an emergency, slip, trip or fall. We also recommend all attendees purchase their own travel insurance in case of a travel disruption or lost luggage.
  • We curate the event, all entertainment, performances, themes and decor to an operational in excellence standardĀ 
  • We pay taxes, hire book keepers, accountants and have a legal team on standby to assist with contractual issuesĀ Ā 
  • We cover the costs of the day beds and cabanas as well as the banking and transactions fees, we do not try to hustle you for more
  • We hire external contractors in the local area to ensure we are supporting the community that is allowing our events to take place
  • We support the hosts and sponsors that support us by offering giveaways and gifts throughout the year, purchased at recommended retail value
If you had any further questions about our pricing structure, please do not hesitate to reach out to party@podcast-a-palooza.comĀ